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Whether you are a first time exhibitor or a seasoned professional, it’s important that the pre-show preparation and on site services are all carried out flawlessly to maximize your return on investment.

Here are a few tips to help you create a successful event.

• Be clear about your purpose. Decide what you are trying to achieve - what is your objective? For example, it might be:

To show a product, or
To promote your company, or
To display a demonstration or prototype, or
To make business (or technical) contacts

• Decide on a unified message. If you have more than one objective your display may appear confusing to visitors.

• Think about how visitors to your display will react and about the actions you want them to take. This could be:

To seek more information or find answers to questions, or
To create a buzz about a new product or service or
To buy something, or
To find out more about your company

• Arrive to the convention well prepared with a sales presentation and professionally printed materials.

• Don't forget to read ALL of the available show information which outlines the requirements on how to design, organize and operate your display.

• If you need to pre-deliver materials to the site, make sure that you understand the procedures clearly so that the materials will arrive on time.

• Provide a way for people to leave their information as well as request information during the times when the display is not staffed. Leave blank forms on the table and a box for requests.

Good luck with your exhibit!

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